Eminem: God of Rap – Is he?

Eminem’s”Rap God” leaked yesterday, and also the tune is aptly titled. Apart from being exceptionally impressive from a technical standoint, the tune is a cornucopia of references .

The final line–“Why be a king when you are able to be a god”–would be a nod to Kendrick Lamar’s”stop the presses” verse from Large Sean’s”Control” You knowthe verse that’s established a million rap-response ships because coming out this summer. Kendrick, as you possibly have read, since literally each and every person in the world with an online link was talking about nothing else within the last couple months, also called himself the”King of New York.” And much debate (and controversy! ) ) has followed. Who’s the present King of Rap?

Gucci Mane believes that Eminem should put his crown to the floor. The Evil Genius rapper contested Em’s claim to the”King of Rap” name on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

“You have to think of a better title,” Mane said, laughing. “I ai not enjoying Eminem in my vehicle. You enjoying with him ?”

When Smiley countered he plays Eminem records the week that they come out, Gucci could not believe it.

“You slipping around playing Eminem on your vehicle, you along with your eldest lady?” he asked.

Smiley and Guwop then laughed in the image of this radio bunch riding around vibing to some Eminem songs.

The entire interview was published on Thursday, however, the clip of the trade has been making rounds on interpersonal networking.

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